30 November 2007

Don't rain on my parade

It's ben months since we've had any measurable rain here in SolCal, but today the skies opened up and let out a crap load. At least at work, anyways. I'm always amazed at the micro weather here, as it can be 10 degrees cooler where I live to where I work, less than 15 miles away.

When I got to work at 6, it was just starting to drizzle. Then it just rained the entire day, sometimes real hard, other's just lightly. When I left at about 2:30, it was still coming down. But, by the time I got home, it just damp and only a drop here and there.

And nothing kills buisness in an open air mall than rain. Even during this Christmas shopping season, today's plan will never be made. Oh well, there's nothing you can do about that.

Roomie's home tonight, after a day of car problems. I look forward to the nights he works, as I like my quietness. Oh well, life goes on.

On Sunday, I return to the directors seat to continue filming 1.03 of Odyssey. It's the last shoot of the year, so yeah. Last Sunday, Rob, Beo, Stephen and I went to scout location stuff for the January shoot. Last January, I got to direct the penultimate episode of Hidden Frontier, which meant setting up all the things for 7.08. Now, almost a 8 months later saying I wanted to helm 1.03 of Odyssey, I've been handed the most complex episode yet. There is a ton of stuff in this episode, a location shoot not withstanding.

I hope I get what I want, with out killing myself.

And while the location shoot will be long, it is January, so the weather should be cool. Rain could be the only problem that day, but we are in SolCal, so the odds are in our favor that it will not rain.

Fingers crossed.

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