07 November 2007

Writers Strike gives me a reason never to turn on TV

In someways, this writers strike -and the probable actors/director strike in June 2008 - might make the final decision I’ve been mulling for a few years. First, I believe the writers, actor and directors are entitled to the monies that come from the new media, the DVD sales and what-not that is posted on the internet. Even if -as they claim - its only a few dollars here and there.

But as I’ve gotten older, as the studios rely more heavily on demographics that place more stock in plot driven stories instead of character driven ones, the more they’ve alienated me. The more they’ve wasted air time with craptacular programs such as Survivor, Dancing with the Stars and Deal or No Deal, the more they push me to turning the TV off for good. The more they choose to let good shows -such as Arrested Development, as an example - go because it did not have spectacular numbers out of the gate, the more I want to say screw you.

I’ve already stopped going to movies, even though I can see them free, thanks to a house mate who works for the movie theaters. I think I’ve only seen no more than five films this year, and not one of them was Spider-Man 3 or Transformers. I just can’t seem to waste my time sitting through TV commercials on the big screen, endless previews for more franchise films than anything close to original and people who think they’re in their homes, giving them a right to talk aloud -or, for that matter, chat on their mobile phones.

I’ve let my reading lapse, because of the magical idiot box and hundreds of stations. I’ve sacrificed a good number of waking hours to stupid shows that five minutes after their off, I could not tell you what they’re about. I’ve let gas prices get in the way of actually getting out of the house and do something that does not involve watching TV. I’ve gotten fat, because when I come home from work, it was easier to turn on the tube instead of doing something with friends.
As far as I’m concerned, this strike could provide me with the best reason yet to not to turn it on any time soon. And as I already spend too much time on the internet, if there is a TV show that has great buzz, and its something I might want to watch, I can always wait for it on DVD.

I can wait.

But my life cannot. Sorry, TV, but along with going to the movies, you’ve outlived your usefulness.

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