11 November 2007

Where art thou Gavin DeGraw?

Back in May of 2003, I was handed by my friend Marc a five song CD sampler from Gavin DeGraw called "Chariot". Marc, as I may've mentioned before here, knows what I like, so he knew I would like this.

Well, yes, I did fall in love with the CD, though I would have to eventually wait until July of that year to pick up the full album. Soon after, Marc told me DeGraw would be appearing at the Borders on State Street, so you know, I had to go.

I enjoyed the songs, learned the lyrics and when later I saw him at said Borders, I could sing along. I also got a chance then to see him at The House of Blues later for free, where I actually got to meet him, to fawn all over him (cause he is hawt). As I said, I liked the CD a lot and continued to keep it in rotation on my CD player.

The, in an interesting, but very confusing marketing strategy, a year after "Chariot" came out, they released a "stripped" version of the album, which was just the like the first version recorded on one take in the studio. No new songs were added

After the release of "Chariot", DeGraw popped up on many TV shows like Jay Leno and Carson Daly and Live with Regis and Kelly. He also had cameo appearances in such TV shows as American Dreams and Dead Like Me. He also appeared in One Tree Hill, the former WB show that used his song "I Don’t Want To Be" as its opening theme.

But there's been nothing since. Why does this up and coming singer/songwriter not release a new CD of music in over 4 ½ years?

I had heard back in the fall of 2006, he was going back into the studio to record a new album, but as of right now, and according to his “under construction” web site, a CD is in the works, with the nebulas Fall/Winter timeframe.

I’m unsure what the issue is, though I’m guessing he did not become the huge hit everyone at J Records thought he would. But that’s fine with me, I just like him and his music.

I have faith in him, but close to five years is way too long between CD's. It’s almost an eternity.

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