12 January 2009


I've grown up all of my life afraid to do things, afraid to advance my career because I fear failure. So, to avoid it, I don't do things -like get a better job, or even move up in the one that I have - because that way I can avoid failure. The same can be applied to my social life, which many of my friends have caught on.

So, I guess, in some ways I lead a dull, prosaic life. And its all my fault, that I know. So, I will do (because, according to Yoda, there is no try) better. I will not call it an epiphany in any sort of the way, but I'm determined to be a better person this year, make 2009 the best year for a new job (or advancement in the job I have) and find the right guy for me.

Plus, I'll still use my blog and facebook to complain about things, but I want to be a better, stronger person.

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