04 January 2009

Weekend Update

Weekends by definition, are designed to be days when you relax.

However, since I lack anything close to a life (which is my fault, I know), I find the hours between Saturday and Sunday tedious until I can return to work on Monday to interact with my co-workers (and then I mumble about something on the track of, jebus when is Friday going to get here?)

Yes, I'm also a mess of contradictions.

But the one good thing about the weekend (when not filming Odyssey or Helena Chronicles) is that I read more -I spend a few hours at the Starbucks passing time. Then, when I'm bored, I try to go home with all these ambitious ideas of cleaning, even going for a bike ride.

Then I sit in front of the computer and I let the day slip away like George Bush shitting my tax dollars away. Yesterday was such a day. Did nothing, well, beyond the usual stuff...

Anyways, today I went to Disneyland. Unlike When I went in November, I prepared to bring food with me. So, I saved some money, even though I did buy a few things at California Adventure (where I swear I saw Tornwordo from Sticky Crows. I know he's in SoCal now, so this tall guy, walking with three other guys and a girl pushing a baby passes by me in CA. And I thought that the tall guy looked like the avatar of Tornwordo. I've never met Richard, but I swear it was him). Still, somehow I ended up dropping my car keys on the driver seat of my car. I did not realize they were missing until I was waiting for the Tram to get to Disneyland. I knew I didn't drop them, but I was certain I took them out of the ignition. Like I said, once I got back to the car, I saw them on the seat. It took security about 15 minutes or so to get my door open -its nice to know that the Focus is a hard car to shimmy.

Anywho, after that adventure I finally got into the happiest place on Earth. I liked going to Disneyland by myself today, but I realize something: one person can navigate both parks much more quickly. I was done with both Disneyland and California Adventure in a matter of maybe 3 hours.

I didn't go any rides, but I just wanted to roam on my own, do things with out waiting for someone else. And much as a loner, misathropic jackass that I am, going by yourself is also kinda boring.

I'll do again, but now I know.

Next Sunday, production begins on season two of Star Trek: Odyssey. So, now I only haver to fill one day next weekend with something...

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