25 March 2009

Day One. Again

Not much going on. Work is work, but I feel I'm nearing getting fired for opening my mouth. This week and next, most of the kids are off for spring break. This means a lot of parents are out with their kids, trashing our stores (though some are buying).

See, its about respect. They want it from me, but don't give it to me. Seems unfair. I don't go to their house and leave my empty drink cups, magazines and books thrown around like a discarded toy. I don't rearrange the furniture in their house, why do we let them in "ours?"

Retail is crap when dealing with soul crunching customers and your managers.

Anywho, this past weekend, I rebooted my computer back to 2004 (though bought in April 2005, apparently the computer was "made" sometime in '04), after I acquired a nasty virus that even my own virus detector could not get rid of. A friend of mine called it a virus with a "bootstrap." Essentially, every time it looked like I caught it, and re-booted my computer, it just replicated itself.


Still, it's nice to have a clean computer, though. Still, despite me backing up my files and what not, I forgot to back-up my bookmarks from Firefox (I did on MS Internet Explorer), thus I lost a whole bunch of porn and blogs I go to. Ironically, it was probably one of those blogs where the virus came from.

So, right now, everything is working fine.

That is about as exciting as it gets in my world.

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tornwordo said...

Thanks for the reminder to back up my bookmarks. I'd be really upset if I lost them.