10 March 2009

Day Trip Believer

Over the weekend, a fan of our online Star Trek series came to from St. Louis to LA to visit the set and meet some of people who act, produce and direct Star Trek: Odyssey and Star Trek: The Helena Chronicles.

Matt is a fan's fan, 4 months shy of his 21st birthday and just stepping out into a new world of LA and the closet. Yep, we've corrupted him -and I think I a get a toaster oven.

We got him in Klingon makeup, put him in the front of the green screen, gave him a few lines (one in Klingon) and let him run through the space lanes of film production.

On Monday, JT and I took him on a magical tour of LA. After picking him up in Woodland Hills, we went to Hollywood and did some touristy things like the Walk of Fame, took him around Hollywood & Highland and the Kodak Theater where the Oscars were held three weeks ago.

We then ventured out to Santa Monica (passing through WeHo and Beverly Hills) and the grand Pier. We walked around, looked at the ocean, watching giant pelicans diving in to the Pacific Ocean and eventually headed north on PCH towards Malibu (which sorted made me hark back to the two years I lived in the Bay Area, and would drive south on PCH towards Monterey). After driving for a bit, we pulled over (just a few miles past Pepperdine University) and walked on a small beach and spent time sitting on the beach, looking at ocean (which was out for low tide, so we had some tide pools to look at as well.

After that, we headed back to Westwood (driving through Brentwood and hoping OJ was not around) and met up with Sharon and her husband Rupert at a hooka cafe called Habibi. Intereesting, if not more expensive than I thought. After that, we finally ended up in WeHo and stopped by a porno store for Matt's first experience in one.

As noted, he is just 20, so no bars. Drove back to Woodland Hills and dropped him off, took JT back to Silver Lake and then home.

Matt is, and was, a delightful kid. Shy, yet totally crazy. A fan who knows more about all the characters with in our little Star Trek series than even the actors. He has energy to spare, and can charm youy to the bones. I defy anyone NOT to like him.

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Matt Jamieson said...

Just killing time while waiting for lunchtime. And David-I am really smiling from this. You are amazing.

This trip was the best of my life.