11 March 2009

Signing dumb things

At the end of the day, Borders continues to do dumb things in dumb ways. Such as forcing us employee's into signing yet another form stating something about not releasing anything on the up coming DVD of Twilight. Now, first off, why are we concerned about this stuff? We have a company in desperate straights, one doomed to failure by the time 2010 comes around. What are we doing? Hmmm, trying to get product into the store and onto the floor so customers can buy it? No, we're worried about some person leaking stuff about the Borders exclusive DVD of the most craptacular film since Watchman.

No one cares. Period, end of story.

Borders stuff on their special DVD was stuff they filmed at last years Comic Con in San Diego, plus other stuff. Still, I can't see anyone really wanting the stuff earlier than March 21. It's not like there's anything important.

Anyhoo, what makes this different than any other laydown? Should we not then, in theory, sign a paper every week for every Tuesday laydown? Why not sign one for Nora Roberts, Stephen King, W.E.B. Griffen or even the latest U2 CD, or the DVD release of The Dark Knight last year?

It's pointless, really. Besides, when I joined Borders, I signed a form saying I would never do what they're asking me again to sign for anyways. What is this need to keep going back again to it?

I know it keeps some paper pusher in Ann Arbor with a job, but you think they would be really worried about why we can't handle new sales trends as quickly as Barnes & Nobles does, or getting rid of DM's with delusions of grandeur or trying to convince our customers we’re not closing.

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