09 June 2009

Good news, everyboby.

20th Century Fox has confirmed that Futurama will be back next year. The show, which had a recent resurrection on DVD with 4 feature-length titles, will produce 26 new episodes spread over two seasons.

The first half of those new episodes will begin airing on Comedy Central in mid 2010.

When Comedy Central began airing the original 72 episodes that aired on FOX, the show pulled in big ratings, by cable standards. Then deals were struck between the cable network and 20th Century to produce 16 new segments, or four interconnected episodes that were released on DVD as movies. The four sets sold extremely well, and Comedy Central aired them as 16 separate episodes. Ratings were good, apparently.

Since then, both 20th and Comedy Central have been kicking around ways to make a Futurama order make financial sense for both the studio and cable net.

While some cost cuts were made, mostly in the writing staff, along with a shorter delivery window, neither 20th or Comedy Central will make money. At first anyways. With these additional 26 episodes, it will bring the series over the magic 100 episode count (actually 113), which will enable 20th Century to syndicate the show more easily to off-network stations across the country and overseas. Plus, obviously, there will be more DVD box sets.

But, this is so cool.

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