25 June 2009

This and those

Here it is Thursday, and it's really the first time I can rethink these last few days. True, I had Tuesday night, but was so tired from the usual Tuesday work crap (new releases, the huge shipment) I just could not put words to screen.

On Saturday we finished up Frontier Guard, filmed a few sequences for another fan production starring former Hidden Frontier actor Dave Dial, and one for the Scottish series, Intrepid. Risha returned to film a scene as Shelby and I crossed over from Star Trek: Federation One to play Selek for Nick and his team. Then a party ensued, with a few fans like Rick and Chris coming from the East Coast for a visit. Then former Star Trek: Angeles actor Jason and boyfriend Kevin came in from Texas. Also on hand was Barbara, her husband Oz, JayTee and Adam, Frontier Guard star Corey, who brought along his very pretty girlfriend. Tim Foutch arrived, as well as PK, the other Chris (but he was there for the shoot, so that does not count). Rob's parents arrived and much fun was had with Becky, Kes, Dave Mason, Beo, and so many more. Fun night, though tiring.

Sunday brought another trip to Disneyland, where I bumped into Mason, Kes and their friend James (with his wife, whom I've forgotten her name and really cute baby, Nikki). I hung with them until Adam and JayTee arrived in the early afternoon. Another long day.

Originally, I was going to get over to JayTee's in the early morning (like 10 am) on Monday to help him with his little pod cast for Judas Kiss, but we both decided the night before at Disneyland, that maybe we should meet later in the day. I sort of slept in, but mostly just laid in bed watching the tube. Soon enough I got up, showered and headed to Silverlake. There we filmed some stuff for the pod cast that did not need Tim -as he was playing an intern hired to keep the office's of Blue Seraph nice and neat. Unfortunately, it appears Tim the Intern does not realize who JayTee really is. Hilarity ensues.

It was fun, and Rick Pike was there to help out as JayTee and Tim acted and I filmed them.

I got home late on Monday and went directly to bed, and began my ritual Tuesday regime at Borders: the new releases and changes to the front of store then the massive four pallets of merchandise. Tired as all hell by the time I got home on Tuesday. Too tired to say a thing.

But things were not finished yet, as yesterday, after work, I returned to Disneyland to meet up with Jenn, Katie (and husband Scott), Rick, Jason, Kevin, Kes and both Chris' for last half of their day at the happiest place on earth.

Kes, ever the thoughtful one, got me a fastpass for Tower of Terror, a ride she won't go on, but knows I like. Thanks for that, Kes.

So, spent many hours wandering around the park with these friends. Got home at midnight, and was awake by 6 am.

So, I'm tired, and have barley read my book all week long. 953 page book is not going to get done sooner if I don't work at it. Of course, look at me now, typing away when I could be reading. I do not the irony there.

But things with Rick are not done yet, as I'm joining them on Sunday for a trip to the beach. Don't know what beach or where, but none the less a relaxing Sunday at the ocean front sounds like a nice deal.

Bye to Ed, Farrah and MJ, BTW.

The three's continue...

And so does the latest chapter of my sometimes busy life...

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