31 January 2010

January's End

The first month of the new decade will close today. And like every month, it has flown by with little fanfare for me. Sure, we've had some terrible things happen - the earthquake in Hati being the obvious. But locally, I've seen my job future become more perilous. My company continues it downward spiral, the third consecutive quarter where sales disappointed. Its fate now hangs on a knifes edge, with only a slip to either end it, or recover to become what it can be. I will, as always, continue to work for the better, putting in the (reduced) hours they give me. But I will admit a certain trepidation with them giving us a universe size amount of work to accomplish (Make titles, the RPL and Customer Service) on the needle head of time they've allocated to do it in. Some see that as a challenge (and to a point, so do I), but like a poor marksman, they keep missing on how to save this company.

I did have some time off, the first time I've taken time off of work since September of 2008. It was nice to be away, and was able to read two books during that time, and finished a third one yesterday. It's been a while since I could say I read three books in one month!

I also purchased a new TV and Blu-Ray DVD player. This has been a big back and forth with me. I wrestled with the logic of buying a new TV when my viewing time was decreasing. And my old TV, a 32" tube, that I bought in 2001 was still fine. But I was not getting any clear channels anymore, a lots of ghosting and what not. This TV should hold up, though I'm unsure how long an LCD TV is suppose to last. I hope to get a good 8 years out of it like my old one. The blu-ray was just to replace my cheap DVD player I bought in 2003 or '04. It was never that good, and had a heck of a lot of time dealing with burned movies.

So, I guess 2010, like the last three years, will be a difficult year. But its one I hope and pray turns out better.

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