03 January 2010

New Years Eve and other things

Spent New Years with Rob, Simon, Carol, Heather, Richard and Rick Pike.

We had dinner, a few drinks and then ventured out to the Rose Parade area on Colorado to see the floats that were finished - or near finished - for the parade on Friday. We got there at 12:30 and then proceeded to walk around the area for the next two-hours and fifteen minutes. I finally got home at 3:55 am and tried to sleep, for I was up in less than three hours to go to work.

Friday was long day, even though work was not that busy. Still, I feel I did not accomplish much shelving - and it does not help I was the one one there to do it. I kind of dread what the place will look like when I return after my vacation.

Saturday was spent recovering a bit from Friday. I stayed in bed way past my usual time, watching nothing on the TV. I went to Starbucks about 11 to really start reading The Book of Joe, then went to Kohls in Glendora to see if I could spend any of the gift card my mom sent for Christmas. I could find nothing I really liked, of that matter, needed. Still, I'm sure I'll find something eventually. It's not like I have to spend it right away. Still, Mom will ask about it everytime I talk to her.

Came home and tried to find the second part of The Doctor Who finale on Youtube. I did watch it, even though the DVR was going to record it. The went out to WeHo with Rick, JayTee, Adam, Stephen and his friend James.

I'm so feel out of place at the bars, these days. Though I admit I was never one to go to them. And WeHo, much like Chicago's Boys Town area, is overrated and filled with too many genetic lottery winners all in search of the same kind of guy. I drew little attention. But I still had a fun time, as I enjoy spending time with Stephen, JayTee and Adam. Rick is hoot and is turning into a good friend.

So that brings us to Sunday. Since I got to bed at about 2 this morning, I did sleep past my normal wake-up time. Still, I woke at 5:30 out of some odd dream I was having and had to piss. Went back to bed, and slept anther two hours, and then just layed there like a lump until nearly 11, where I went and repeated my Starbuck/book run from Saturday.

I'm off the next week from work, taking advantage of time-off that I've earned. No plans in particualar, though I need to update my resume (which I bought a book for) and cleaning some areas of the house that are long over due -like my bathroom and the kitchen.

Maybe take in a few movies, as I want to see Avatar, It's Complicated, perhaps Sherlock Holmes and a few others. We'll see, but at least nice weather will be with us all week long. Temps in the mid to upper 70's in January. That's the kind of winter I like.

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