04 January 2010

Omens and Portents

I guess, at my heart of all hearts, I’m a bit superstitious.

So, today as I start my vacation from my much troubled company, I discover that thing (above) stuck in my rear passenger tire. Well, actually, all I could see was that rounded bit at the top sticking out. And when I say sticking out, it was smooth with the tread. At first, I thought it was a nail. Simple repair job.

But for Bob, Carol, Ted and Alice -and most everyone else - it’s a simple patch job and I’m out $30. But as proven in the past more often than not, Dave’s problems are never simple and when it comes to a repair job on his car, well what is easy for others is simply not for me. As an example, last year when I needed to renew my license plates, I needed a smog check. Sure, it’s like 30 bucks. But as they’re doing the smog check, they discover a hose to my engine that has basically collapsed, so that was an additional $45.

So after I leave my tire there, they call me latter to say that they cannot patch the tire> Reason being this 4" pick (for lack of a better description) has damaged the steel belt with in the tire, making a repair pointless. So instead of being out $30, I’m out $108.

Despite the fact I’ve earned my time-off, like any Catholic (lapsed or not), I feel guilty for doing it. Especially now, as Borders continues to slash hours forcing people to work harder, with less hours all while never changing the amount of work that needs to get done; as a matter of fact, its increasing. With its more than likely chapter 11 bankruptcy coming in early February -Borders fiscal 2009 ends like January 31 - and high expectations for the two RPL (book language for returns) - my taking a vacation at a time when manpower is needed most is filling me with more doubt.

While this flat tire would’ve not stopped me from going to work today had I needed too, it sure as hell would have pissed me off at 7:15 this morning. I would have been delayed at least a half hour. Then I would waste time at a tire repair place after work and blah, blah blah. So on one hand, I’m fortunate it did happen today, because I had no real plans. But it still burns that I’m out 108 bucks.

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