16 July 2010

HOT!!!! HOT!!!!

Like earthquakes, hot summers are expected in Southern California. But this summer, like the entire year, has been on the mild side. We had 7 straight months of average or below average temps -another words, no huge spikes in temps. It was getting nice, if not rather boring. But this week changed all of that. We basically went from mid 80's in the daytime with low 60's in the night to 100 plus in a day. Tuesday really started it, but the oven was turned on the next day, with temps (locally) hitting 106. Thursday was also 106. Today, when I got home from work, the high here was 109. The heat wave continues through the weekend, and if the weather people are right, by Tuesday we should feel a measurable change in the temps.

The other thing about these last few days has been how humid its been here. With a huge high settled over the south and midwest, the monsoonal flow from Mexico has kicked in and is riding up theHigh sending warm, humid air over the foothills and mountains. This creates unstable air, and storms form with heavy rainfall and lightening for those in the desert communities. We get the humidity, and maybe a few drops of rain here in the LA basin.

So, for now, I'm trying to stay cool with the air on and fans blowing. I'm also not going to pend too much time on the computer. It's just too hot to do anything but read.

Hope you all have a good weekend -going hiking on Sunday (which should prove an adventure).

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