14 July 2010

Time Slider

My alarm is set to go off at 5:55 am. I’m usually awake before it ever goes off, anywhere between 10 minutes up to 25 depending on how much I have to go pee.

And let me add that I consider myself someone who can pick up clues and solve riddles. This seemed to fail me today. The story goes that I woke up, looked at the clock. I’m convinced it says 5:35 am. I roll over, and lay on my back, and for about a two minutes I wrestle with whether to stay in bed until 5:55 or get up and pee -my bladder is usually getting ready to burst. I get up, and go to the bathroom. I noticed then the bright sun shining through the living room windows. I sighed, realized it was going to be a hot day. I close the blinds to stop some of the rays from heating up the house so early. I go back to bed and lay there until 5:55 (or so I assumed). I showered, shaved and did the rest of the stuff I do before going to work. At about 6:20, I’m ready to leave.

Through the open kitchen windows I can hear the cars coming to the school I live across from. The students from Summer School are arriving. It was then I noticed ants crawling all over the kitchen counter. So before I left, I had to clean up that mess, which took about 10 minutes.

I then left the house, got in my car and headed out of the alley onto Evergreen and then to the corner of D Street and Evergreen. Traffic is heavy now because of High School kids coming into summer classes. I say to myself, this is why I like to leave early, to avoid this traffic.

Anyways, I get out of this mess and eventually head towards the freeway. All this time, mind you, I’m thinking something is odd, something is out of place. But for some reason, I’m not connecting the dots.

But all of that changes when I get on the East bound 210. The first thing that occurs to me is that the sun is not my eyes. Why is the sun not in my eyes? It’s always in my eyes when I got to work at this time. Why is the sun not in my eyes? I glance down at the clock in the car and realize its 7:35 and not (as it should be) 6:35. I overslept by an hour -or just missed my usual wake up time, considering I never really slept until 6:55.

How did I not realize that I was an hour behind? I had some clues. I mean, besides 47 clocks that decorate this house, the sun beaming into the living room and the kids going to school should have tipped me off that I was not in the right time zone.

How could I not notice that I was exactly one hour behind?

My co-worker Jenn said I probably only paid attention to the minutes and not the hour aspect of the clock, which is pretty true - I have my mornings pretty well timed out on the weekdays.Plus, I think, because it was an exact hour and not some random time, my brain never made the connection.

Work was fine, and instead of working 7-3, I worked 8-4. Still it was weird. Right, it was weird?

Oh, and it was a hot day. 106. Hot. And its suppose to be that way for the rest of the week.

Super. Took summer long enough to get to the LA area.

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