15 November 2016

I'm Not Back

I’m not back. But I may be back, but I’m still processing how my life may change with Trump as president. 

My statements from a week ago, while brutal and maybe even hurtful, are still very much how I feel. I’m hurt, disappointed, and totally discouraged that as nation we could let this man and the Alt-Right Movement take over leadership of the United States. 

HRC was undone by her own hubris, mostly, I think because she seemed not only confident she could easily win, but everyone else thought as well. Everyone bought into, assumed, and even made fun of (especially in those SNL sketches, which now seem more of a mistake than ever) that fact that Trump could never get elected based on his misogynistic, often racist rhetoric. And it’s clear that Bernie Sanders would’ve failed as well had he been there instead of HRC. We all missed the boat on how angry a lot of white (mostly male) voters were. 

But I was always ambivalent, which was why I never posted anything with the I’M WITH HER images. Part of that was superstition, something I will admit I am, and partly because the more I poked around the internet, the more it seemed possible Trump could win, despite everything that vomited out of his mouth.

As pointed out by dear friend JT, I have an opinion and I should not let this step back stop me from saying anything. I would even hope to have a rational conversation with Trump supporters and Jill Stein folks, but it needs to be based on facts, and not assumptions, or conspiracy websites, or made up stories about how HRC has killed dozens of people. What this election showed was that it was NOT rigged, that voter fraud –what little there is of it- did not change the outcome.

It illustrated how a showman could easily convince a lot of people that it was rigged. That by saying it again and again, by calling HRC Crooked Hillary and by vaguely stating things he planned to do and by saying only he could change the course of America, he was swept into office. As always, if you say a lie a number of times, people begin to believe it is fact. Hillary Clinton was not the Lex Luthor of politicians both Trump and Stein painted her as, because if she was, she would be the president-elect. 

Nope, they just told the same lie again and again and people started to accept as truth

So I will be cross posting from this old blog to Facebook. But it may be a while before I fully come back to it. I'm on Twitter as well, which I find less aggravating mostly because the people I follow are ones I chose. 

But if there is to be an discussion, as I noted, it will need to be like a college dissertation, with legitimate footnotes to back up your argument. If you cannot, then it's just an opinion and opinions are not truth, are not facts. They will be mocked.

Peace for now.

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