15 November 2016

Random Thoughts

While the US has the great freedom to create new political parties, not one has been able to gain the support they need to develop fully in the two-hundred and forty years of this nation. Many have tried, and let's not discount that, but the problem lies, I think, in that they turn into human-shaped algorithms. These minor parties -like the Green Party and even Libertarians- seem to be focusing too much on just a few specific issues and thus this hinders their ability to gain a following they will need to win any national election.  

The trouble with Trump and the rest of the GOP is going to be that the wrong people are going to be in charge. We are bound to become a nation where the people at the top, the ones who make all the decisions, really don't know a damn thing about making “America great again." And once Trump and his White Supremacist cabinet is revealed, all I can hope is that those fervent followers realize what a lot of other people have known for a long time: Donald Trump is nothing but an empty husk of hatred, xenophobia, racism, all wrapped up in the an American flag that screams fascism instead of unity.  

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