01 March 2007

A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.

Mark Twain once said. It seems this is the world my sister lives in.

Well, nephew is back at Little sisters house.

I'm so unsure about all of this. Whilel nephew created all of his financial issues, I don't know how he's going to pay off all of debt, plus pay for all the things that the house needs repaired so LS can sell it working part-time at $7.00 an hour. Plus, crazy girl has nephew sign an agreement that he cannot get help from any family member, or she'll kick him out. This also means, at this time, I cannot even call my nephew -or can he call me - without threat of being homeless.

It astounds me that LS thinks all of us are crazy, including non-family members who know the whole deal. It seems, she believes she is the only sane one in the entire universe. Well, at least the family anyways.

Big sister spent time with (along with LS) at the psychologist on Feb. 19. Apparently, LS said that the entire family has never been for her, while she always puts 100% into everything. Plus, we never call. Well, when we do, she never answers (because I'm guess she gets a lot creditors calling her, but that began ages ago), and if we do leave a message, she never responds back.

Too busy getting on with her life, I guess. Hello, irony is knocking on the door.

BS has said she no longer wants to talk to LS anymore, and since I have not spoken a word to her since early January, I'm assuming she does not want to talk to me. Which is fine, because there is nothing to talk to her about. She has chosen, like she did 20 plus years ago, to cut the family out of her life. She see's it differently, of course. She thinks we've abandoned her.

My LS lives in a tiny world, caught on a stage in which she is the only clear headed thinker. She has basically taken away her kids from the rest of the family, using them as weapons in the imagenary battle she has created in her mind.

Nephew is stuck at home until he pays off his debt, but I'm sure he does not want to leave his little sister there all by herself, with such an unstable person that is my sister. I fear for them both, I really do.

But I swear, if anything happens to either of them, my sister will pay. Even as I write this, save it and post it, I don't care what happens to me. I will hurt her so much, knock her into next week so hard that it will take a major operation just to get Wednesday out of her ass.

She is lost to me, and the only sadness I have left, is for niece and nephew. Stuck with this bitter women, this jealous husk of pig, I fear for their lives.

And, if they can survive, I also fear for their mental health. Living with LS is bound to damage them, bound to ruin what ever chance they have at success.

As much as I cannot forgive my uncle for his verbal abuse while growing up, I cannot forgive my LS for the shit she is currently pulling.

Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice -well, I won't let her. She is dead to me, as dead as my father is.

My only hope is that, by the gace of God, someone will rescue those two kids.

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