16 March 2007

Hidden Frontier, the series finale wraps on Saturday

I must admit, that I'm approaching tomorrow's final shoot for Hidden Frontier a bit sadly. While it's only been a year that I've been associated with Rob and the cast and crew of the this online series, I feel that I've made the best friends anyone could ask for. And its like the last day of High School or college, while you say "see you soon", deep down you know that this will probably the last time you see them.

Oh, there is another project in the works, one in which I'll be associated with, but there is still a good chance that I'll see very little of the people I've grwon to love and respect. And that fills me with sadness.

But it has been fun, I've learned so much and yet it seems impossible that all ends after Rob calls cut tomorrow afternoon.

I wonder what he feels, beyond the sense that he'll have time to relax with man he loves for a while, before the next project gets underway.

Anyway, while tommorow is the final shoot day, we still have one brief scene to film, and that'll take place at the end of April, at UC Irving. Then its onto EB2.



MiamiFeet said...

hey there. I was so bummed to find out that they are ending their series after so many eps. I do love this show and will miss it while it's gone.

Are you going to be involved in the "Judas Kiss" project?

John A. Whiting said...

Eh, in some respects, it's like the production is continuing with just a name change.

In other ways, it seems like everything changes.

The truly important stuff will stay the same, though.