13 March 2007


Sofia (Sook-Yin Lee), is a sex therapist who's never had an orgasm, who seeks out ways to overcome her "pre-orgasmic" dilemma, which is profoundly affecting her marriage. James (Paul Dawson), is a former male escort battling depression, goes to ultimate extremes when he can't even seem to feel happiness with his loving and devoted partner of five years, Jamie (PJ DeBoy). Struggling artist Severin (Lindsay Beamish), who works as a dominatrix, seeks to have a meaningful relationship with someone – anyone.

And while the on-screen sex is real, its not there for the sake of cheap titillation. Its only part of the film which is about the human relationship.

Director John Cameron Mitchell shines the light into all the dark corners of what we consider sex and what we consider love.

I think if anyone has hang-ups about sex -in what ever for you want it, gay, straight, bi, transgendered - the answers lay with in Shortbus.

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