13 June 2010

Blog Changes

So, I discovered that Blogger has added a new design gadget, which enables me to sort re-design the way this blog is laid out. I was never happy with the ones they always offered -they were uninspiring and rather dull, plain and prosaic. And since I'm not good with design in itself, I could never figure out how to create my own and upload it.

I like the black and white design. Which is not to say anything of my personality of any point of view. It's simplicity is what impressed me to use it, I guess.

I also added some more sites to my blog roll, while deleting dead sites. I'm also unsure why Blogger continues to get rid of certain blogs, like Donnie at (1) Famous Like Me and then (2) hip n edgy, while others stay up. His site was never, ever dirty. And his Mug Shot Monday was always a delight.

I'm also considering changing this site over to a book blog (or starting another one dedicated to just books, the book industry and what not). I'm trying to figure out a new title, something that talks about books that generally don't show up on NYT best seller list. There are so many titles that are good, that get missed by the mass audience because factory writers like James Patterson and Nora Roberts prevent them from getting any notice. I mean, publishers like writers who push books out on a yearly basis (Roberts and Patterson push out 5 to 6 books a year). While I love Stephen King, even I know that quality is being sacrificed for quantity.

So, we'll see what I do. In the meantime, I will continue to read as much as possible and try to hope that someone who stumbles onto this site will see a book I've read and reviewed and decided to give it try.

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tornwordo said...

Like it! The bean is so cool too.