27 June 2010

The Week that Was

Semi interesting week here. While work continues to be somewhat of a pain -and I've discovered that I want my GM these days to get mad at me, at least then I know he's alive with passion. I mean, what Borders management lacks (from the GM on up) is any passion for what they do. It's all about tracking sales in every mathematical aspect.

Anyways, after spending most of last weekend trying to call my family in Chicago due the the severe storms that moved through, I did the same again on Wednesday, which was also my mom's 75th birthday. It seems odd to me that she has reached this milestone, though I'm sure she does not feel that way.

Yesterday was the wrap party for Hidden Frontier Productions. As of now, with our fan produced Star Trek series finished (the two-hour movie is due later this year), and the fate of HFP's original production, Frontier Guard, not yet decided, I'm done working there. Anyway, the party was held at our friends house near LAX. Barb and her husband Oz have this great house with a pool and hot tub. While I did not partake in either of the two, I got to see some friends I've not seen in months, like writer Dan Crout and our Scotland pals (and creators of Star Trek: Intrepid fan series), Nick and Lucy Cook in for a visit. It was a blast to be with them.

One of our fans who has since become a good friend, Rick has been here since the prvious weekend. Rick lives in Maryland, and comes here often. Last Saturday we all got together in West Hollywood for a night of drinking and fun times. The above photo is Logan, our server at the bar. Super nice guy, handsome and not shy.

Anyways, today Rick and I ventured out to Griffith Obsevatory. It's funny in many ways. I've lived here for almost 5 years, and visit the Silverlake area of Los Angeles many times, but I've never been there. Does this happen often, where we wait for visitors before we see the local tourist attractions? And I've yet to see Mt Baldy, which is very close to where I live. And I do want to climb it, but really don't want to do it by myself.

It was nice, an I should go there more often. But like many things in this money tight times, it seem illogical to drive so many miles just to walk around a park.

So the last week of June is here. Half of 2010 is gone and it astounds me thst time is flying so fast. I want to slow it down, I want to live more.

At times, it seems, life can be unfair.

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