18 June 2010

Idiots on a stick

As my co-worker pointed out, our customers are like kids. Insomuch as they don't listen to us.

Had a customer call this week looking for a certain title. It does not matter what it was, though I giver her props for knowing the title and the author (you don't know how many times we get neither, but we're expected to know what they are talking about). What I love about Atlas, our relatively new inventory system, I can show a title anywhere a Borders store carries it. And as it happened, out of 500 plus Borders stores, only 3 stores carried it.

I told this lady, very clearly because I know they don't hear the words I'm telling them, that it's barely carried on the brick and mortar level, and out of the three stores that do carry it, the only California Borders is somewhere in the heart of Los Angeles, like some 60 miles from my store.

Now, there are two Borders within 10 miles of my store, one in Mira Loma and the other in Montclair. Now, just after telling this lady that the book she wanted was essentially not readily available, she says "So, Montclair does not carry it?"

There are times when I just want to hang up, or say some snarky remark when I get this type of behavior from people. But it's a tough job market, so after I rolled my eyes, gathered a deep breath, I re-explained the situation.

No, Montclair does not carry it, only one Borders in California does, and that's 60 miles away. This still seemed to confuse her. But after a moment, where universes crashed together like mashed patotes and peas, she said that was too far to drive.

Yes, I agree. Idiot on a stick.

Anyways, the point is as always, pay attention to what we say. We might not have fancy cars, big homes, graduate papers and what not, but we know our job. We know what we're talking about, we know...things.

It's calls like that, people who probably yell at other people for not listening, that make me worry for our species. But hey, if I was an alien and had to talk to the people I have to talk to on a daily basis, I say it ain't worth landing. Just blow them up.

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