10 April 2006

Book of 2006, Part 5: Angels & Demons

Angels & Demons


Dan Brown

So, I finally broke down and read a Dan Brown book. While a fairly densely plotted book of religious gobbly gook, it is well paced (I started it Saturday morning at Starbucks and finished it last night just before 11pm), but over all, it is a pulp novel that has very little lasting memory. Still, I can se why the Catholic are up in arms about what Dan Brown is writing about. As a catholic myself, I know the Vatican and their staff across the world, do not like people poking into their past. And while I would agree that science has a tendency to ignore moral issues with claims that these new break throughs will help the world, the Church is also afraid to admit that they use fear and guilt to control their flocks. For without fear the Church looses its grip. And while science can improve (almost) peoples lives who will be held accountable if they prove Jesus did not exist?