25 April 2006

Kurt Droessller

My brother-in-law passed today, after a long battle with cancer.

I have mixed feelings, for I'm sad, yet glad that all this has come to an end.

My poor sister and her two children -along with Kurt -have been put through the ringer with the lung cancer that eventually spread to his brain.

God knows if he had just stopped smoking, gained the weight he need to take the therapy, he could've survived longer. But he refused to give up those damn cigarettes, and I hate him for that. He just didn't want too enough, and that is sad, as he robbed all his children of their future with him. Now Steven and Kyra must learn to live without a dad, and my sister must live without a husband.

While I know Dawn is doing things -like going to school to learn to be a nurse - she now must bring order to her house of chaos. I hope to God that she can make things work. For to long, her kids have made her life more complicated than it needed to be. And while talking to them seems to be a battle of wits (Kyra's eye rolling and Steven's petulant play on teenage angst) with a wall. They think we have no understanding of what they are going through, which is bullshit. They think that they have it more difficult and we just don't understand.

But the reckoning is in their future and Kyra needs to understand she lives in house where she has no rights and Steven needs to realize the world does not revolve areound him and he will have to listen to his mother and Aunt if he wants to see age 19.

But for Dawn, I send all my hopes and wish that she is strong enough -with help from the family - that she can bring order to her house.

Resty in peace, Kurt. I hope you find the rest and peace you could not find here on Earth.


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