05 April 2006

Do we need 9/11 films?

This Septemeber will be the 5th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

Since then, we seen specials on the attacks, some documentaries and books.

But are we ready for the movies about the attacks? One TV movie about United Flight 93 that crashed in Pennsylvania has already aired on cable. Now, Universal will release a motion picture, dramatizing those events.

United 93, which will center on the struggle between hijackers and passengers aboard the doomed plane, is being billed as a story of courage and sacrifice. But for some who saw the 2 minute trailer have expressed shock that a movie has been made so soon after the attacks that left nearly 3,000 people dead.

The question is: how soon is too soon? Some members (but not all) of the families who lost loved ones on that Tuesday, have expressed the desire that the film will honor those who died, while others have said that with only 4 1/2 years passed, a movie is not necessary .

True, many of many movies have been made about tragic, historical events: Pearl Harbor, Midway, Titanic (almost every war film) and let alone TV movies about true-life serial killers. Should their be a proper length of time before making films such as this? And who would want to see a film about a day that everyone in America will remember what they were doing until they shuttle off this mortal coil?

I remain ambivalent about it. I think there should be a movie about that tragic day in September, but I'm convinced that it should not be made until the nation can put a lot of water under a lot of bridges. Fifteen to 20 years seems a bit more realistic than 4 1/2 years, even if its about"courage and sacrifice."

The film opens on April 28.

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