09 April 2006

Harry Potter gets a July 2007 release date

Warner Bros. has announced that Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, the fifth movie in the book series, will be released on July 13, 2007.

Now, depending on the time frame of book 7 -the final book in the series, you can bet that The Half-Blood Prince should be in theaters by Christmas 2008 followed by film seven the summer of 2010, maybe a few weeks shy of Daniel Radcliffe's 22nd birthday?

Of course that last films release date depends on when the book is released. I'm guess, that Rowling will release that book in 2007. Based on a few things in the past; while there was three years between book 4 and 5, there was only two years between five and six. Rowling claims that the final chapters are already written, all she has to do is fill in the beginning.

While she has a lot to wrap up, unless she expects this last book to be as long as 4, 5 and maybe 6, I still see a July 2007 release obtainable.

Of course, there is a draw back to this notion. With Warners already scheduled a release date for Order, would they (and Scholastic Books) want to be in competition with each other? It's only logical to assume that Book 7 would come out in June of July of 07 so kids would be out of school and could read it. But with a movie and a book out at the same time, could cause a conflict.

So, the other option is this: Rowling will wait until summer 2008 to release that final book, months before Warner releases the film version of book 6 (just like in 2005). But to finish the film franchise before Radcliffe is way too old (before his 23rd birthday), they would need to working on Book 7 ASAP to get out by 2010.

So, its a calculated risk to release a movie and the final book in July of next year, but that might just happen. As always, this is just speculation. If she releases book 7 in 2007, expect an announcemt around Christmas (just like in 2004). If we hear nothing, then is it's a safe bet 2008 will see that final book.


Kristen said...

Jeese...I sure hope they don't wait until 2008 to release the last book. I do not think I can wait that long!!! Not like I have a choice....but I don't wanna wait...LOL.

Anonymous said...

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