03 April 2006

Books of 2006, Part 4: A Dirty Job

A Dirty Job


Christopher Moore

After what I felt was a set back with The Stupidest Angel, Christopher Moore returns to fine form with a funny book about death. Well, how one Charlie Asher, after loosing his wife after the birth of their daughter, takes on the role of Death Merchant.

As with all of Moore's books, his humor is sharp, sarcastic and often cruel and sometimes a bit sick. Still, you can't be bored with his work, as the silly meets the macabe and everyone seems not to be generally playing with a full deck. And like his last few books, Moore brings back previous characters seen in Bloodsucking Fiends.

While Lamb remains my personal favorite, all of Moore's book are a treat to read, a like David Sedaris, they are more fun to read while surrounded by strangers. If only because you have to laugh out loud, and that makes people turn to you.

Now I'm off to (finally) read Dan Brown. I've put him off for the three years that Da Vinci Code came out. So now that Code is out in paperback, I'm finally going to read it (after Angels and Demons, of course).

Oh, and the Cubs beat the Reds 16-7, the fourth year in a row winning their opener. Of course, they don't have a chance in Hell of going to the World Series.

Still, I want to Believe.

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