17 September 2006


Strange, that as I turn 44 today, how I feel so much older.

On the outside, most people look at me and usually are surprised to find out that I am in my 40's. Which is fine, as I don't act my age anyway. My gray hair betrays me when I don't color it, but I'm getting tired of doing it. So, I guess, now I'll look like I'm in those 40's.

Oh, well, I'm also very low-key about my birthday. I actually like going to other peoples birthdays than mine. They are - at some point -just another day.

And mom sent me $25, which was cool, and I'll use it, but had she just sdent the card, I would've been happy.

But at 11:30, only Donna and Mom have called. I'll be surprised if I hear from Dawn -even though Steven's birthday is tomorrow. She forgets. Brian, well, if he was not married to Karen, I would not hear from him on my birthday. It's his thing.

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