25 September 2006

It's official: The Class is dumb, but Heroes shines

Have no idea how CBS convinced these critics to praise this show, but The Class is about as funny as a heart attack. All the characters are pathetic whiners and the plots are as thin as the Olsen Twins.

While this has got to be series 47 for Adrian Pasdar (but, damn he's a whiny egosentric), Heroes startes off great, with everyone of their characters beginning to sense the change overcoming them. The spooky powered one is the artist. I would be freaked out if pictures I paint started becoming real.

Only one problem (though, I don't know why, so much) with it, since it was shot as a 2 hour opener, it takes a bit to meet all the hereos. But I was not expecting the cliffhanger, though.


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