23 September 2006

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip best new show of the season?

I never watched The West Wing, if only because it was usually opposite something I usually watched. Plus, I've never been a big fan of Martin Sheen.
The there was Aaron Sorkin, an admitted drug addict. I felt I should not support him. Brilliant of writer that he is, I just felt I would be enabling him. So, I passed on it.
This past week, his newest show debuted on NBC. I watched it just a few moments ago, and found it well written, with a great cast. So far, if I was to say what was the best new show so far this TV season, this would win.
Because Studio 60 refuses to pander to its audience. And Sorkin makes it very clear, he'll not do this with this show, as the teaser was a brilliant rant at network TV ands its inability to be original because certain groups of a conservative nature will force a blockade. It's a risky too, as shows-within-a-show filled with inside jokes and self-mocking humor may turn off a large group of people who think Two and Half Men is the funny.
For me, this is what I want from my TV show. I don't want it dumb down, and I don't care if teens are not watching it. The networks failure to understand this means we'll be stuck with lame comedy shows like Two and Half Men, and endless reality shows.
FOX, once thought as nothing but fluff, has several shows on their schedule that have proven successful with out lowering brain cells (which Las Vegas does in spades), even though we are stuck with Law & Order franchise and that cheap game show, Deal or No Deal. NBC, stuck in 4th place, is fianlly doing something about that. Studio 60, My Name is Earl and The Office will be on my NBC watch list.
Over at CBS, The Class has potential, its just that I would not want to spend any time with these guys. They are boring and the premise, at best, is silly. Still, I'll give it another try, as there is nothing else worthy to watch on Monday's at 8 (besides I kind of like How I Met Your Mother and The New Adventure of Old Christine). Same goes for Jericho on Wednesday. I'll give it one more try before either recording it so I can watch Bones over at FOX, or abandon it althougher to record 30 Rock when it debuts, 'cause I love Bones.
I'm looking forward to Ugly Betty, The Nine and Heroes. And, of course, Lost and Desperate Housewives.

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