24 September 2006

Hidden Frontier shoot: 09/24.

Today, filming continued on Hidden Frontier's final season. We're still in the midst of epsiode 705 -The Widening Gyre - and 706, Things Fall Apart. This shoot was easy by far, no drama and we wrapped on time. The next shoot is October 21 and next was suppose to be the 28th, but now we'll film on 22nd as well. Saturday and Sunday shoots are a challenge, plus we'll have so many people coming and going that we'll never wrap on time on either of those days..
Of course, its about the talents availability. Everyone of the actors schedules are causing this bottlenecking.
There was a cute 18 year-old boy who knows JT via through his myspace, and as it turns out, just a stones throw from Rob's. So he was there watching us film, flirting with Rob. He's adorable and can't say I did not feel something for him, but he's way too young.
Anyway, all is coming together. However, the fans will have to have mor patience, as The Widening Gyre will not be released until the end of October or the first Monday in November.

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