26 September 2006

Jerry Falwell's attack on Freedom and Madonna

I could give a rats ass about Madonna these days, with her crazy stunts that piss of censors across the globe and her latest CD and her fake British accent.

Lately, she has survived protesters and censors in Russia, Germany and even the Vatican City (some of those countries which are not known for "freedom of speech") so she could perform her crucifixion number, Live to Tell in concert.

NBC, which will air the concert in November, has bowed to pressure from the likes of Jerry Falwell and the American Family Association and will cut that number from the special.
America is the cradle of democracy and the birthplace of something called the First Amendment rights, and I find this step by NBC -who by the way, still aired The Book of Daniel earlier this year after threats from AFA - very disturbing. I mean, despite those protests mentioned above, she still was able to perform that portion of the concert because her artistic freedom needed to be preserved.

So, smug Falwell can claim a victory for NBC dropping the segment, but once again what the real story is our freedoms are under attack not from Islamic fundamentalism, but psychotic Christians and right wing muckrakers who are using fear to keep America in a war that a good percentage (those who get their news from other sources other than FOXNews) of us now realize is un-winnable.

In Jerry Falwell’s world, freedom of speech and artistic freedom are wrong and must be crushed so the glory of Jesus can shine through.

What an ass.

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