10 October 2006

CBS gains 3lbs. from the loss of Smith

The 2006-07 TV season continues to evolve, as CBS has pulled Smith from the airwaves after three low-rated airings. It will air reruns of other shows in its timeslot until November, when the Tiffiany Network will push up 3lbs., the Stanley Tucci medical drama that was originally scheduled for a January start. Execs at CBS have been impressed with the first few episodes of the drama, which also stars Mark Feuerstein, and have ordered four additional episodes.

Meanwhile, new network The CW has switched its Sunday and Monday schedule. 7th Heaven and Runaway will now air on Sunday's while Everybody Hates Chris, The Two of Us, Girlfriends and The Game will now air on Monday's.
FOX, meanwhile, will move ailing Vanished to Friday -which should doom the serial drama for good.

NBC has given a full season pick-up to Heroes, the first new show on any network to be picked for 22 episodes.

In other news, NBC has tapped Battlestar Galactica excutive producer David Eick and screenwriter Laeta Kalogridis to reboot another 1970's TV series. This time, The Bionic Woman will find itself updated. The original series, the spin-off of The Six Million Dollar Man, managed to surpass its origins mainly based on Lindsay Wagner's performance and Harve Bennett's shred production style.

Instead of focusing on terrorism and militarism, the new Bionic will explore the role of professional women in contemporary society and how they juggle their various roles.

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