26 October 2006

Scrubs is back, so is the NBC Thursday comedy block

NBC has announced that Scrubs will return to their schedule November 30.

The Peacock Network will team Scrubs with 30 Rock, which will move to Thursday's (and this will bump Twenty Good Years, which is expected to be cancelled, as NBC will not commit to any new episodes beyond the 13 they ordered.

So, the new line up will look like this:

My Name is Earl
The Office
30 Rock

followed by ER.

While I love the fact that Scrubs is coming back, setting it in the Thursday Time Slot of Doom -9 to 10 pm - against two shows battling each other for viewers -CSI and Grey's Anatomy -seems to me that NBC wants this show to die. Of course, if NBC was to bring it back for a seventh season, it would need to negociate new contracts with the the cast. So, expect a pink slip for this show in May. As for 30 Rock, I'm unsure what to say about this. Both shows-within-shows (including Studio 60) are doing okay, but not what NBC expects. Still, 30 Rock is cheaper than the $3 million an episode that is Studio 60, so its a good chance this one could survive if Sorkin's show continues to lose viewers.

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