13 October 2006

Kidnapped slotted for Saturday; Medium returns in November

CBS confirmed this week that they've picked up Jericho for the rest of the TV season, ordering the back nine. This the third new program of the 2006-07 season to earn that right (behind Heroes and Ugly Betty).

Meanwhile, NBC has announced that Medium will return in Novemeber in a new timslot and day, airing Wednesday's at 10pm, filling the timeslot of the now cancelled Kidnapped, which will finish it's 13 epsiode run on Death Night Saturday.

Finally, with Stargate: SG1 coming to end this spring, it will not vanish altogether. MGM has granted the a green light and the money to produce two Stargate movies, most likely to debut on DVD. The first movie will deal with tieing up all the shows loose ends from the series finale, and will be written and directed by producer Robert Cooper. A second film will deal with time travel and will be written by Brad Wright. While no one has signed on, I'm guessing MGM would've never given the money if some or not all of the cast was returning.

Both films should be released in 2007.

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