16 October 2006

Heroes: Chapter 4: Collision

Episode 4 of Heroes continues to make this the best new show of the season, for its clever writing, its diverse cast and Masi Oka’s wonderful, breakout performance.

Collision, written by Bryan Fuller (Star Trek, Wonderfalls), starts to bring some of the heroes together, as Peter gets in contact with Mohinder. Meanwhile, Claire wakes up in the morgue, and discovers Brody panicked after his attempted rape, and Matt finds himself in the clutches of Claire’s dad, who with the mysterious man Matt could not read, are trying to figure out his powers. Hiro and Ando are in Vegas, and quicky discover that there many things they can do with Hiro’s powers.

And Nathan is in Vegas also, to drum up some money for his campaign, while Niki is put in a position that will cause her alter ego to come fully out.

Anyway, another great episode as many things are revealed: Nathan may be just as evil as Claire’s dad; Isaac only see’s the future while on heroin; we get to see Niki become her killer opposite and Hiro finds out that while his power can make him rich in Vegas, he and Ando still get caught. That mysterious symbol pops up again, this time on Altered Niki’s back. And the episode has two more allusions that I caught: When Ando and Hiro care coming down the escalator in their new suits, it’s a direct shot from Rainman; and when Hiro and Ando are thrown out of the Vegas hotel they are ripping off, it in none other than The Montecito Resort and Hotel -the same one featured on NBC’s Las Vegas. Coincidence?

And then the cliffhanger: Apparently Hiro can travel backwards in time from the future, as we see him with long hair and speaking perfect English.

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