18 October 2006

Ratings slide for Battlestar, The CW cancels a show and ER to stay put

The ratings woes for Battlestar Galactica continue, as the critically acclaimed series just mustered out a 1.6 million viewers this past Friday, hitting a near series all time low.

Meanwhile, the CW has pulled the plug on Runaway, having only averaged 1.8 million viewers, while NBC is thisclose to picking up Friday Night Lights -itself looking for viewers - for the full season.

With CBS moving Without a Trace to Sunday, viewers have not stayed with CBS, even though Shark is still doing well. ER, now in season 13, was suppose to run 13 episodes, then be taken off for 13 weeks, only to return in the spring for the final 9 episodes of the season, for a no-repeat season. But ER's ratings appeared to have been revived due to the Without's move, and NBC has scrapped that plan. It will, however, have to air a few repeats, but are also considering ordering additional episodes to extend the season.

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