08 November 2006

Dems take the House and the Senate; Bush shocked and awed

Joe Scarbourgh of MSNBC - a very conservative Republican - maybe said it best last night, that when the Dems where swept out of office in 1994 it was because they went too far left. Now 12 years later, the GOP was swept out for the same reason, except they went too far to right.

The ranks of the GOP are in shock and the ultra-conservatives are blaming John Stewart and Katie Couric. So, nothings changed here. Name calling will never go out of politics, I guess.

What everyone seems to miss is that while Americans are divided on many things, both the right and left will eventually draw a line in the sand. Bush wanted this election to be about moral issues, like protecting the sanctity of marriage from all us homo’s, stopping stem cell research cause it can be perverted.

But is was really about the war in Iraq and its lack of progress. Now, Bush will have to work with the Democratic controlled House and Senate to figure out a way to make things work out better. The firing of Donald Rumsfeld should help, but I still believe we’ll be in Iraq come November 2008.

In the end, while the Dems control the House and Senate, the ones that were brought in are conservative democrats. I’m unsure how things will shake out with this, but I hope that “staying the course” will now become solving the troubles over there.

As for the whole gay marriage and stem cell research, this is all going to happen. Of course, for Bush, it’s the old “not on my watch” attitude he’s taking. So, we’ll have to see what happens in 2008 and beyond.

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Kat said...

In my experience, change always happens- even if the controlling party is afraid of it.

Gender concepts will evolve, ending the stigma against homosexuality. We'll eventually become too desperate for cures to supress stem cell research.