02 November 2006

Heroes; actors and questions

There are times when my memory for all things TV is bizarre. I mean, I can remember a guest star from 2 decades ago, but I can’t remember to tell my co-workers really important things. It’s really bizarre.

When I was watching Heroes premiere episode, there was a teen actor playing Zach, the best friend of Claire
(save the cheerleader, save the world)
Bennett. Now, somewhere in the back of my mind, an old memory cell sent signals to my main frame, telling me I’ve seen him some where before. But for the life of me I could not remember.

His name turned out to be Thomas Dekker -when I looked it up on imdb.com. The things clicked into place. He had done several episodes of Star Trek: Voyager, including TNG’s first theatrical feature Generations, playing a son of Picard.

Dekker was a pretty boy, with beautiful eyes along with those feather-like eye-lashes. He went on to play Nick Szalinski in the Disney TV version of Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. I like that show, even though it ran for only three years.

But it had been years since I had seen him, and according to his bio on imdb, he has done a lot of guest starring on TV, doing several episodes of 7th Heaven and Boston Public, and doing many, many voice over work.

So, anyway, as I watched him on Heroes, with those still lovely eyes and dimple in his cheek, and that dusting of facial hair, I was surprised it was him. He is still pretty, but at 18 it works for him.

So, anyway, talking about Heroes, it occurs to me now that Eden is working for Claire’s Dad (and raise your hands if you did not see that coming), who is too? I’ve been suspicious since Claire’s dad
(AKA Horn Rimmed Glasses)
acquired the tape that she and Zach made showing off her powers. How did he find it? Is it possible young Zach is also working for HRG? I grew even more worried on Monday’s episode Better Halves. While asking Claire about what she plans to ask her biological parents,
(another did-you-not-see-that-coming when it turned out those parents where in fact working for HRG?)
or more to the point, will she out herself? Of course, Clair denies saying anything that will tip other people off to her powers, and then she teases Zach, asking if he’s flirting with her. He says no, and seems to infer that there could be no way he would be interested in her.

But, you can see he does have a major crush on her. It’s kind of cute, but it could get creepy if my hunch plays out.

Another issue that popped up on that episode is how the days go. To me, it appears the show is running concurrent with everything, with maybe each episode representing a day
(or the same day?)
,but if it is, how could it be night time in Las Vegas were Niki lives with her son Micah
(and where Hiro and Ando are),
and day in Odessa, Texas where Claire lives?

I mean, it seems the show is running linear, but am I wrong?

Also, who would’ve thought that Jack Coleman - who played the original Steven on Dynasty and The Colby’s, was so cool as the villain of this series? I like it when an actor who’ve you not seen in a few years turns up in such a devious role. It is smart for the creators to move Coleman from a recurring role on the show to full cast member, which will happen with episode 11, set to air in January.

Also, one more thought: Is Ando doomed to die? I told my roommate that it would be logical for Ando to be killed by the bad guys, as that theme has been used for decades
(including Superman)
to spurn our hero to finally commit to fighting crime. And while Hiro already believes in his destiny and has embraced it fully, he still -I think - must lose Ando.

That bares watching.

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