10 November 2006

TV Round-up: 11/10

FOX has pulled Justice from their prime time schedule, effective immediately. On its last air date, November 6, the show garnered a 1.9 rating, way down from 3.5 of its lead in, Prison Break. The network will air reruns of House for the rest of the November sweeps. FOX has said the show will return in December, but due to the holiday and several planned specials, don’t expect a return until January, which in itself becomes problematic then.

If the show returns in December, it could be only as a sacrificial lamb. Give it one or two low rated airings when most TV viewers are preparing for Christmas, could give enough reason for the network to cancel the show.

Besides, January sees the return of 24 and American Idol, and those two juggernaut series will be filling much of FOX’s advertising. So, it’s a good bet Justice will find its way to the cancel bin.

Meanwhile, Battlestar Galactica executive producer David Eick is teaming up with Terminator 3 director Jonathan Mostow and writer John McNamara to develop Them, an alien-invasion series for FOX.

Based on the graphic novel Six, by Michael Oeming and Daniel Berman, the premise involves a sleeper cell of extraterrestrial terrorists who take the shape of humans. Their mission is compromised when they start experiencing human emotions, which act like a drug on the aliens.

This “emotional drug” may explain why they never tuned into ABC last season.

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