30 November 2006

NBC revamps their TV schedule; Sci Fi and HBO announce new shows

As the wobbly TV season continues -and as the networks go into repeat mode for the holiday season -NBC has announced changes to their line-up in January and March.

Not willing to go up against FOX’s American Idol, the peacock network will move Friday Night Lights to Wednesday; cheap to produce Dateline NBC will fill in on Tuesday. When football ends, NBC will air reality programs Grease: You’re the One That I Want and the sixth season of The Apprentice followed by the returning Crossing Jordan.

Meanwhile the heist comedy The Black Donnellys will debut in early March, displacing Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip on Mondays, while the Jeff Goldblum supernatural drama Raines will also debut in that spring month, replacing Las Vegas - which like Crossing Jordan, will only run 17 episodes. The shift off Studio means 4 episodes out of the 22 NBC ordered will air at a later date, but it does not bode well for a second season.

Lastly, expect the network to keep Heroes on Monday’s at 9 through the February sweeps, while Medium will retain its Wednesday slot, though that could change when Lost returns in February.

Rushed on to the air months before it was scheduled due to the failure of Smith, CBS has pulled 3 lbs. from its schedule, effective immediately. Out the 8 episodes produced (out of the 13 ordered), the five remaining will probably air in some other form. Reruns of The Unit and other programs will fill the slot.

On the eve of their latest miniseries The Lost Room, Sci Fi has announced their next big mini for next December. The six-hour Tin Man is said to be a twisted and bizarre take on The Wizard of Oz.

HBO is developing a one-hour series based on the popular 1995-2000 Vertigo comic series The Preacher. Once planned as a big screen adaption starring X Men star James Marsden, the deal fell through. Daredevil and Ghost Rider director Mark Steven Johnson will pen the pilot.

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