09 November 2006

TV Roundup for 11/9

Struggling Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip got a boost when NBC picked up the show for the entire season, but while Friday Night Lights remains the darling of the network, they’ve yet to confirm a full-season pick-up on this show.

Meanwhile, ABC will move the Anne Heche drama Men in Trees to the plum Thursday slot after Grey’s Anatomy on November 30. The Alphabet network also picked up the show for the entire season. Six Degrees will be pushed off the schedule due to this change; ABC says the show will be back in January, but rumors coming from outside the network is suggesting that the show is doomed.

CBS has announced that it will split its serial drama Jericho into two parts. Like Lost - which won’t be back until February 7 -over at ABC, Jericho will end on a cliffhanger November 29 and then be gone for 10 weeks, returning February 21 to finish out the season with no repeats.

Finally, look for Sci Fi Channel to possibly move critical and cult-favorite -but seriously ratings challenged - Battlestar Galactica to Wednesday at 8pm in hopes of start jumping something to save the costly series from early cancellation.

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