30 January 2007

Harry Potter's Daniel Radcliffe grows up.

One feels a bit dirty old man looking at the 17 year-old in these press photos for his new play Equus. And while some of his fans, well, the parents of these fans really, seem a bit taken aback by these photo's, I think it's good for him.

First, of course, it's a role so opposite of Harry Potter. After playing the role for nearly 8 years and with at least four more to go, a role such as this can prove to be better for his career. While the play still remains as controversial as when it was first put on 35 years ago, in today's internet world -as soon as these press photo's were released, they zipped accross the web like a comet on crack - it opens the door for people not familiar with the story.

I believe this is a bold move for Radcliffe, and hopefully the role will be help his acting career, and not be popular because he'll be nude on stage for a time. But, it can only help. How many top female actors and singers have done nude spreads in Playboy?

Of course, once again, we have to note Radcliffe is 17 (and will turn 18 this July), but I think he has something to prove to people who only see him as Harry Potter -and will continue years after the final credits close on movie seven. He will show them that HP is only one role in what is bound to be a great career that should last decades.

And even this role in Equus, is just that, a role.

More power to him.

On a side note, I'm struck on how Radcliffe must've been forced to shave his chest (and that oh so sexy treasure trail) for the bath sequence on Goblet of Fire (though he kept his pit hair and some stragglers around his nipples). Seems while the actor can go through puberty, but you can't show that on screen.

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