17 January 2007

NBC picks-up Heroes; Sci Fi gun-shy on Galactica

In what amounts to a big "wow, that's not a surprise," NBC gave an early pick-up for a second season of Heroes. The only real breakout hit of the 2006-07 TV season, Heroes will return this Monday after a six-week break, with 6 all new episodes. Usually, the networks wait until the spring to announce their pick-ups, but with the show a huge hit in the ratings, plus critic praise, the peacock network felt an early pick-up was right thing to do.

Meanwhile, Sci Fi Channel's David Howe, executive vice president of the cable network, which produces and airs the 1970s series remake, told iFMagazine that the reason why the fate of Battlestar Galactica hasn't been announced yet is because the network is on a time schedule for such decisions, and they usually wait until the deadline to announce it. But either way, he would be "shocked" if the show as not picked up for a fourth season.

While I'm sure the show will return, also, I find the Howe's statement about the network's time schedule amusing. NBC's early renewal of Heroes this month, versus' April or May, confirms that they believe in the show (on the other hand, the network loves Friday Night Lights, but will wait to renew the show; they're holding off until they see the ratings when the show moves to Wednesday). And while Sci Fi may believe in Galactica, it seems rather gun shy to not commit to a new season, cause the show has the critics going bananas. But those ratings seem to still bother them. Which means they are taking a wait-and-see attitude with the shows move to Sunday.

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