02 January 2007

This and that

Another day at Borders. Ho hum. One good thing, though, due to the raise in minimum wage that started yesterday, Jeff gave me a bumo up in my hourly wage. Apparently, however, Patricia asked him why. I mean, I already make a more than the supervisors, and probably close to what managers make (and way below GM's), so I can see her questioning it. But, I think in the short time Jeff has been at the store, he knows I am worth the money.

Plus, I was employee of the month, got that recognition award of $25 gift card and lunch, eventually, with Jeff. So that is nice. I also realized I have 80 hours of vacation time coming to me and 42 hours of personal/sick time. I don't think I'll earn any more vac. time until I take some, so long weekends are probably in the works.

So, once I get our monthly $30 gift card, I can buy things. The question is what? If I buy any more books, well, I only read 16 1/2 in 2006 and I have more than 3 dozen I have yet to read. Buying DVD's at work is silly, considering that I can get them cheaper elsewhere.

Maybe some music. I'm way behind in that, but that's not so bad. But still have yet to Marc's Best of 2006. I'll give it until the end of the week, 'cause of the hoilday and President Ford's death have screwed up shipping.

I went jogging today, for about 1/2 hour. After 4 months, it was not so bad. But, I'm not going to over do it. I hope to drop a few pounds by April, and maybe lose enough around the waist to get back into 32" pants size.

On days Bill is home, I'll drag my ass across the street to the parks track. When he is working, I'll use the tread mill.

I need to keep this up.

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