01 January 2007

Rose Parade before the parade

So, Beo called about 6:30 last night, and asked if I doing anything for New Years. I had no plans, as I pointed out on yesterdays blog. He said come on over, Adam and JT were there, we have some drinks, maybe a movie and then go to downtown Pasadena and see the floats for big parade on Monday morning.

Well, I knew I could not miss this. So, I got there around 7:30, talked to Adam about Voyager again, was told cutie pie Tim was coming later. Anyways, we had some drinks, talked about HF -can't seem NOT to talk about it - called Andrew and wished him a happy New Year.

After Tim arrived, we jumped in JT's car, though Rob drove. We found parking and walked to the place where the floats were being staged. We walked around, welcomed in the new year, and saw all thouse lovely floats. It was cool, though not unpleasant. I still wore my flip flops, as they are the only things I wear when I'm not working.

I just love this weather.

Left a message for Marc, but seeing it was after two in Chicago and was unsure he was still up -he was last year when he called after midnight here. Poor Brad was drunk then.

Anyways, it was a great night, and I almost wished Mom was here, as she would've loved to see all those floats up close.

Got home at 2:10, in bed three-minutes later and was awake at 6:30. So I'm tired and was planning to start jogging today, but I'll put that off until tomorrow.

But it WILL happen. I just look at the guy above and know if I want anything close to that, well, I'm going to have to do (as there is no try, according to Yoda).

Happy New Year.

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