11 January 2007

The parks closed. The moose at the entrance should've told you.

So, it's been a few days.

Not that I've had anything to say, but today I locked myself out of the bathroom. Yep, really smart of me. I dropped off some kids at the pool, sprayed the room, hit the fan and closed the door. Just before 4, when I was finally going to get on the tred mill, I thought I would open the door, turn off the fan.

It was locked. And all the keys that Bill has, not one opened the door. It took a while, but I finally stuck a screw driver into the jamb. One thing my door knob has that made it open was that if you turn the handle sticks. So you can close it, but it does not click shut.

Well, the click shut thingy was not fully out, so with a screw driver, a little push in and to the right, and the door popped open.

I just had visions of the fan going until Bill got back from Vegas on late Saturday.

Anyway, the weather is suppose to turn nasty this weekend. While 53 degree high on Friday and Saturday is nothing for this Chicago boy, the people on the news are acting like a blizzard is coming. Granted, since they don't get snow -except in the hills and valleys above 3,500 feet, this is their way to make it sound important. It's suppose to snow near Vegas, so hopefully Bill will have no weather troubles coming home.

Continue to use the tred mill, today and yesterday -taking Tuesday off for some odd reason. Weighed myself yesterday morning, after I got up. 181 pounds. Not heavey, I realize, but not where I want to be. Last summer, before I stopped, I had dropped to 175. I'm unsure how much I can lose, before it becomes bad, but at least this year I'm adding vitimans to help with the stuff I sweat out of my body.

The right knee still bothers me, from time to time. I'm gearing up for the insurance in February, so I hope to find out what's up with it in the next few months, along with getting my teeth fixed -which is bound to get very expensive.

Andrew will be in for the HF shoot on 1/21. I'm looking forward to seeing him again. I like him, but I'm unsure what his feelings are, but I think -I think - he likes me. I'm not holding my breath, but I'm thinking Beo wants to play matchmaker.

Old Man fixer upper guy returned today and replaced the garage access door. It's actually nice and should keep the rain out of the garage. I think Bill will like it.

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