28 August 2007

The Grey Havens

When I was able to grow a beard, I did. Of course, it was mostly because I wanted to look older and be like my brother. I started one around 1980, when I was about 18 and kept it for most of my 20's -shaving it off every once and while, but growing it back quickly.

As I reached the end of the 20's and I noticed my hair starting to go grey (or white), it also started to show in my beard. When I turned 30, I shaved it off for good, and over the years as my hair -especially on the sides - got whiter I often wondered what my beard would look like now.

Of course, on weekends when I don't shave, I could see how white it was becoming, but I could still see some dark hairs there. Anyways, when DJ at work grew out his beard over the last few weeks - making him even hotter - I thought maybe, I should grow it now.

After the last Odyssey shoot, I had already decided to cut my hair. As far as I know, I'll not appear on screen as Vito until next spring at the earliest -cause after we finish 1.02 in September, we'll begin work on 1.01 of Helena Chronicles in October (which I'll only be working behind the scenes on) then we break for the Holidays before returning to film 1.03 of Odyssey, which while I'm directing, Vito will not appear. After that, I'm unsure of the schedule. I'm thinking 1.02 of Helena Chronicles will come in March, followed by 1.04 of Odyssey in April or May. So, plenty of time to grow (and color) my hair back.

So, my hair is super short, almost buzzed and I've started to grow the beard out. It is very white, but some dark hair is still battleing to show through. I'm unsure how long both will stay my natural color. It does make me feel old - I mean, I still have more white than my older brother. Oh well, I can always color it. Still, it has been a bummer.

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