29 August 2007

Watch Me While I Ruin My Career: The Larry Craig Story

So, another conservative "family" values guys has been caught with his pants down.

I'm shocked. Well, okay, maybe not.

I guess, what does surprise me is that Craig just assumed it would all go away. Plead guilty to something you "claim" never happened, and keep your fingers crossed that no one on this God's green Earth was going to find out about it. Maybe, if was little old me. A nothing guy living in a small twon in Southern California, this could've been kept quiet.

But he is a fucking senator. A Republican. A Conservative. A Family Values kind of Christain, who yells from the moutain top that gays, liberals and democrates are evil. Or Eeeeeevvvviiiiilllll as Grampa Simpson would say.

I'm not sure what the Bible says about duplicitous people, but I'm sure Jebus is not giving up the thumbs up on it. Still, his statements and his actions has got me wondering more about his state of mind and not what happened in the restroom.

Whether it was true or just a misunderstanding, his bizzare thought that if he pleaded guilty -and that seems even more outlandish if he believes it was all a misunderstanding - that it would fall through the cracks and never be revealed just tells me he has something to hide -even if it was just to hold onto his job.

We live in a 24/7 world, and with that comes a world of news that 20 years ago some would've called stuff that is not important. We have people liuke Perz Hilton who takes a disgusting pride in destroying the lives of stars -which I grant, they deserve sometimes. We have CNN and FOXNews fighting each other like school bullies in the yard about who is Left and who is Right.

And, since living here now 2 years, where news about actors apparent suicide attempt leads off the local news. The pesky war in Iraq and the floods in the midwest can wait. We have an over-priced A List actor in the hospital for God sakes.

Larry Craig is an idiot, and needs help for it. He should resign, if only because he thought is would "all go away." What an asshole.

Idaho is a big RED state, so if he does the smart thing, and pull the plug on his forever damaged political career, the Republicans can hold the state in '08. However, maybe he should stay in and ask for re-election next year. If he goes this route, then the Dem's have a fighting chance to change the color of the state.

But, I don't see that happening.

And what is with these family value guys anyway? I guess it just proves that being anything but straight leads to getting some nooky (cause, you know, the wives are fridge bitches who would rather have bake sales than see their husbands penis erect anytime soon) at the local bathroom -even one in an airport.

In closing, the lines from a Morrissey song comes to mind. Maybe this why they do the things they do:

Why did you give me so much desire,
When there is nowhere I can go to offload this desire?
And why did you give me so much love in a loveless world,
When there's no one I can turn to to unlock all this love?

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